About Us

Virgin Hair by Talle Couture Inc. was founded in 2009. We are an exclusive online hair boutique located in Atlanta, GA. We outsource our products from high quality manufacturers overseas located in Indian. We only offer exclusive types and textures of 100% virgin human hair products from our factories overseas.

We change our products from time to time to offer variety. All raw Indian hair is collected from the temples in Indian,usually from one donor, cleaned, machine-wefted, and shipped to us with love ❤️. Our highly-textured hair is processed using steam treatment; no chemicals are used to process any of our hair. With proper care, no tangling and minimum to no shedding should never occur.  All our hair can be colored and styled like your very own natural hair. It also requires daily maintenance just like your own. Hair Extensions are to enhance the natural beauty of your own hair. When you purchase from us, you are investing in a product built to last 12 months or more. "WE SELL HAIR TO KEEP" is our company slogan and we stand by this. 




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