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Lets Get Educated about "Bundled" Hair. All human hair that is sacrificed originates from the Temples in Indian, which is the purest hair in the world when purchased from the right authorized temple hair company (not that many). With proper wefting and cleaning process, the Raw Indian hair will last for many years, which makes this the BEST investment when it comes to hair.

China buys the largest percentage of hair from the temples. They then take back to their country and process the hair and make patterns (ie body wave, curly, deep wave, etc). Depending on who you deal with (Your Plug), the manufacturing companies in China either process the hair by using steam or chemical process to make those patterns. We all hate for our hair to smell like corn chips!! Well that smell comes from the hair being permed which is a form of chemical process to produce that pattern of hair. 

DO NOT GET US WRONG!! YOU CAN GET SOME GOOD QUALITY HAIR IN CHINA! However, its not a lot of factories in China that know how to process the hair properly. Virgin Hair by Talle Couture have been blessed to have found the best factories in both China and India. We hope you Enjoy your products from and maximize the use to the full extend that it offers. 

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  • Hello! I wanted to know if i can get a custom made 30 inch frontal or do you know any place that i can find something like that. I honestly hate buying a long weave and having a frontal that dont even match the length especially for straight hair.

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